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Tattoo on Vodafone (UK) - Exchange Activesysnc ?

Guest Terry1100

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Hi All,

I'm very close to making the jump to Android after years on Symbian (and a brief foray into WinMo).

Vodafone will let me have a Tattoo for nowt and I'm almost sold - it even has a lanyard loop (something sadly lacking on modern phones IMHO).

The dealbreaker for me is if it won't synch with Exchange natively "out of the box".

The specs says it will, the user manual downloaded from Vodafone says it will - but Vodafone customer services can't confirm for sure (or even reply sensibly).

Given (all) the UK operator's habit of firmware crippling the devies they sell, is there a Tattoo owner out there on UK Vodafone who can absolutlely confirm that the native Activesync application is present on the device.

thanks in advance

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I have a generic Tattoo and it's there, I find it VERY very very unlikely Vodafone would remove it!

That said, not a big fan of the Tattoo's QVGA screen, but the of the device size is nice...


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Cheers Paul,

Mind you, I wouldn't have thought that Orange would remove "Googlemail" (sic) from the "Googlephone" but the other thread indicates that they have !


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