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HD2 Problems

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Got my HD2 from devicewire this morning. Looks fabulous, seems to be extremely quick but the experience has been spoiled by a fundamental cock up with the typing interface. The first thing I did (after setup) was to send a text message. I was really pleased to discover that the double space to insert a full stop actually worked (something that wound me up no end with the dreadful Omnia 2) but alas the auto capitalise first letter of a new sentence doesn't and HTC appear to have omitted the option to turn it on in their re-skinned text entry options. Unfortunately changing device orientation seems to confuse the poor thing too, as it stopped inserting fullstops and suggesting words until I quit and started a new message. This might seem like a small niggle but at £500 and when the iPhone 3GS and the Palm Pre both do this, and I spend most of my time typing on it, this is incredibly annoying. How can something this obvious be missed by HTC quality control?

Hopefully there will be some registry hack to turn it back on otherwise I'll be going back to my Pre (especially when the 1.3 webOS update finally hits the UK). I shall continue playing with it to see what else does or doesn't work.

And it's now closed my reply box in Peep while I was still typing and has decided to turn off word suggestions again. And I'm now discovering that it hangs every so often, which really shouldn't happen with this much processing power.

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