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HTC Messaging & MMS

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I unfortunately do not own a HD2, and most likely won't as I had to take a 24 month contract to get my HD on Orange. :D

However, having flashed a Leo ROM to my HD I have a question regarding a problem so that I can identify if it is just a problem with the cooked ROMs, or if it is unavoidable as it is a problem with the HD2 itself.

I really like HTC messaging, and definitely prefer it over pocket Outlook. I can live with the slight lag, and I don't keep 1,000s of texts, so will never be a real problem. However, I cannot send or receive MMS with HTC messaging.

I can compose a message and try sending, but it will always return as unable to deliver. If I receive one, then it will show in the message list, but I cannot see the message. Sending & receiving works fine using the old WM method with Pocket Outlook.

Does this function work nicely on the HD2? If it does, could someone please confirm the Manila version? I imagine it is most likely some conflict in the cooked ROM, but would really like to know this for sure.


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