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Hey peeps i'm starting to mod the HD2 software, with skins and themes.

however i've hit a brick wall early on.

Can someone tell me where to find tools to create CABs and where I can find the files relating to the taskbar, and the sense ui ?

XDA-Developers obviously don't like new users as i've asked 6 different things without response and frankly i'm abit disgusted at their attitude, the only repsonse i did get was "it does work use your brain" forgive me for asking a question numbnuts.


if someone can point me to a good resource for all things modding i'd really appreciate it, i've got some ideas and i'd like to put tablet, to photoshop and make something very user friendly, i'm pretty computer savvy i just need some info on where to get started.

Ive already created this boot logo for Opera but I don't know how to make it a CAB ???




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