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Android Requires More Button Presses

Guest Rocky7

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Why android is worse than iPhone ...

On Android, in the Seemic Twitter app, you can go back by either using the applications
Cancel button or using Android’s dedicated “Back” button that I’m pointing to at the
bottom. On the iPhone, you’ve got to guess — the Cancel button in the top left will let
you do it.

But you know, you guess once or twice, and then you know. I rarely struggle trying
to understand how to use my iPhone apps

It has turned into a pissing contest, its more intuitive because you "guess" rather than use a dedicated back button.

I love my Android phones, but I still recommend iPhones to people who I think would appreciate them but this article is possible the most stupid I have ever seen on any product ever.

But on the bright side it is very very funny. Its a must read :)

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"Those are my most three most recent smartphones. My primary phone is that iPhone on the right"

Nope - the iPhone is definately on the left when I look at the picture! :)

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Credit to Apple for kicking the other manufacturers into doing something substantive instead of a minor additional feature each year.

But should the iPhone be used as a basis for comparing everything else out there ?? NO!

It has its place and has completed its mission.

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Danny Sullivan January 10, 2010 at 2:55 am

Yeah, checked. The Gmail app can’t handle Gmail thru Google Apps.

Absolute rubbish! I'm using my Google Apps on my T-mobile Pulse quite happily, the only thing that can't use this address is when buying stuff through the market place. The guy knows nothing.

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