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Manila Holder - Manila Fix for all - foundation - *UPDATE 22.01.10*

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Guest jo-the-ripper



a small tool which is active in the background to control the manila-start-screen

if is necessary. The crashes and restarts so hopefully members of the past. ;-) At the moment

we have tested it only on the current manila v2. It should also run on older or future version.


install the cab and restart your device.


*changed path in cab...that should fix all problems*

joes jManilaHolder_220110US.cab @ ZS


use the exclude list to avoid manila to go in standbymode if you call a particular program.


the exclude-list need the classname of the program. you can find it with this small tool:

jSpion @ RS

jSpion @ ZS

foundation av-593885.jpg Cooperation av-570579.jpg product

use this tools at you own risk!!!

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if i am not wrong , this fix the multiple restarts for m2d , well that would be great for m2s users -which i am one of- , the "rs" "zs" is the website it's uploaded to, it's the same file .. and is it compatible with all roms ? :)

anyway will try and tell you .. cause i've been suffering from this

thanks in advance

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Guest jo-the-ripper

bundia has right ...this fix the multiple restarts of m2d ...it's testet with many omnia and different roms. it should work with every tom. it just search for manila.exe as process.

rs & zs is the same file at different hosts.


never try tested this with omnia II...but omnia2 should have more memory?? is there the tham problems with restarts??

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Guest corwest

So is the point of this app to make manilla restart faster or keep it from restarting all together? Cuz mine still restarts just much faster. Also whenever I return from any screen to the Manilla home, there is a blank wallpaper screen for about a second before if starts.

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*i hope that fix the problems!!!*

Nice idea but extremely buggy. I am on one of the custom OCK's m2d roms. In the beginning it worked ok. Manila did not stay open as promised but was restarting much faster. Then, when I modified the registry (adding apps), manila holder got out of control. I can't even list everything that started happening (some apps stoped working permanently, some just acted weird, wallpapers started changing on their own in s2u2 and home tab etc...) Uninstalled it after about a week (just got tired of soft resets and retwiking back everything that got messed up.

Thanks for the effort though.

I think, you are moving in the right direction. Apps like yours are absolutely necessary, unless someone will resolve memory management issue altogether.

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