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[Released][Kitchen]Rafyvitto_Acer_s200_Kitchen includes a short cooking tutorial

Guest rafyvitto

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OK guys heres my kitchen finally.

Guys i spent a lot of time and effort to make my kitchen the way it is, it has a lot of registry changes and customizations etc, so any kind of donation will be for ever apreciated, also remember to give me proper credit if you decide to public the rom you cook using my kitchen, dont go stealing my work saying that its yours, with just a mer thank you towards me makes me a happy camper =]

Heres the download link:


Also download this flash_orig.bin and place it on the root of your kitchen folder.

Heres the cooking process guide:

How the kitchen looks like:


Step One:

Note that the included SYS is 21889, on the second post you can find some of my other sorted SYS.


Step Two:


Step Three:


Step Four:


Step Five:


Step Six:


Step Seven:


Step Eight:


Step Nine:


Remember to very carefull wile doing the extreloc step, if you miss a step here your rom might not boot up.

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My very own sorted SYS with my custom icons etc:



Heres my manila 2.5 build 1922 ready OEM packages, remember if your cooking a manila 2.5 rom always keep the same PACKAGE_Album/0409 and PACKAGE_MEdia_tool_kit/0409 as these were patched to run on the acer s200, if you fail doing so you wont be able to view images using the htc album or picking backgrounds from manila.

Manila 2.5 Build 1922 OEM Packages,trow this in your kitchen OEM folder and cook.

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