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"Pre-series" S200 flashing issues

Guest rahan95

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I work for a mobile phone distributor. As such, we often get from manufacturers "pre-series" handsets that we use to showcase to our customers.

Usually, these handsets are mostly if not fully identical to what will be on the market but the S200 I got hold off yesterday shows a weird OS version : S200_0.019a.00_EN

And it seems the flashing functionnalities have not been implemented on it or even restricted : when trying to flash an official Acer ROM, when pressing "Yes" the following message is displayed on the screen : "KernelIoControl fail ! Your device not support this function. Please check your OS version"

I also tried flashing custom ROMs but they all fail after reboot in FTM mode

I really think the bootloader is special on this unit but can't find any HardSpl or alternative bootloader that I could flash over =(

Thanks for your support

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