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Mobile URL Shortener App - ShortenMobile

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HTC's Twitter client, Peep, does not automatically shorten URLs. ShortenMobile is a small background program that watches the clipboard of the device and automatically shortens the URLs for you.

Currently implemented url shortening services:

* bit.ly
* tinyurl.com
* snipurl.com
* is.gd

How to use:

* Install the cab file
* Open ShortenMobile from StartMenu
* Activate the checkbox "Run at startup"
* Click on Hide-Softkey
* Copy any url (including "http://" at the beginning) to the clipboard
* The shortened url is available in the clipboard after the confirmation dialog has been shown

Download Here

[Via Pocket Now]
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If you are going to set this to run at Startup and install this program to "My Device" or "Storage Card" you will need to edit the shortcut. (v1.1 as of 03/13). The installer is treating the space as the end of the install location.

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Quick note. The problem with file locations that included spaces has been fixed! He's up to v1.3 now, after adding an additional engine as well.

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