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Digitizer Removal I8000L

Guest Hammanu666

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Does anyone have removal instructions of the digitizer on the I8000L, Cant seem to find a video or manual anywhere. this is going to be my last resort for removing the dust between the digi and the screen.

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Thanks so much man, Been looking everywhere for this. Even have a Replacement digi Just in case.

Sorry to be off topic

but where did you buy your spare Digitizer?

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I don't want to start a new thread, so I will use this one.

My touch screen is in bad shape. It works ok, but it has a lot of scratch. So I decided to buy a new digitilizer from e-bay and replace it. I didit once on Nokia 5800, and it worked ok.

On e-bay, digitilizers have various prices, from 5$ to 25$


5$ digitilizer

15$ "original glass screen"

20$ digitilizer

Can some one tel mee the difference between "glass screen" digitilizer and other one? I would appriciate any advice.


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