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HI, glad to be here and see that this forum has so many members, well done, i am new to this, so please bear with me. i have just got a HTC HD2 phone, it is new and came from 02 but was not locked to them or branded, the problem i have is that i want to make sure that when i start to put apps and email, sms ect on the phone that i do it the right way, and start with a current up to date base to install on, the phone has the following details

O.S. VERSION says that it is: 5.2.21869 (21869.5.0.52)

MANILA VERSION IS: 2.5.19211619.0

THE ROM VERSION IS: 1.48.405.2 (71294) WWE,

THE ROM DATE IS: 11/18/09



I have downloaded the updated ROM from HTC site Version 1.66.405.2, if there is a newer one pease let me know.

the question that i am asking is do i just install the updated rom and will this change all of the other versions manila ect. and the OS is 5...... does that mean that it is windows 5? if so how do i get windows 6, also if anyone thinks that they could recommend any downloads that they think would be good for fun and practical for using the phone, iw would appreciate any suggestions of sites, also does anyone know if i can have skype on the phone? also i seen a good World cup app anybody got one they can recommend.

many thanks

sorry to go on a bit. :rolleyes:

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