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Hey Paul,

I know that you have done phenomenal work on the N1 and numerous other devices (saw your tweet about

rooting the Dell Streak already, congrats!).

I was wondering if you had any knowledge of the insides of the EVO. Toastcfh and maejrep over at XDA have

manage to get a root that will allow us to write to /system while in recovery, but not while in android, and

the custom recovery has to be pushed each and every time as well. Something about a locked NAND...

I was sorta hoping I could talk you into taking a look at it :) You know, divide and conquer. Many hands make

short work, lol


see last post

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even if u do, there is no 4G (or CDMA) here in UK!

I guess its a long shot...we all want EVO 4G this side of the pond though!

i saw his tweet today, and checked out the new recovery. it works on the evo,

but we can't select anything in the menu, because we don't have a trackball!

i hope something can get worked out. maybe some of our devs can push our altered recovery

into an update.zip, same as they did :)

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