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Fake-flash by Koush, launching recovery on your device without a PC

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest Paul

Now updated and working!

Note: The recommended install method for fake-flash is now 'ROM Manager' on the Android Market.

Koush and I have been working on / stumbling through getting recovery running on a Legend without using a PC for devices rooted with a test image. The same technique also applies to the Desire... and after a lot of work and debugging... presenting...


Fake-flash using a similar concept to the original root method, it launches a recovery image from the test image recovery, but instead of pushing the files from a PC, the files are extracted from an update.zip on the SD card. Here's how it works...


  • Download the fake-flash update zip from one of the links below
  • Copy the update.zip to the root of your SD card (the name MUST remain as update.zip)

    • Turn on your device with 'volume down' pressed and select 'Recovery'
    • When the exclamation mark appears, press and hold 'volume up' then press 'power'
    • Select the second option, 'Apply sdcard:update.zip
    • That's it, ClockworkMod recovery should launch! :)
    • Neat eh?


      Just to caveat this initial release, we've yet to carry out extensive testing and you are constrained somewhat by the limitations of the stock kernel (e.g. no support for EXT4).

      That's it for now... enjoy... i'll update this post as further advances are made. If you'd like to support Koush's work, consider buying 'ROM Manager Premium' from the Android Market.


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Guest Ravrahn

So by "rooted with the test image", do you mean completed step 1 but not step 2 (not fully rooted but with the test image flashed successfully)

Or is it for already fully rooted users?

If it's the former, thank you!

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Guest Ravrahn

I got the same error as most other people - after verification etc finished I got something along the lines of

E: Error in sdcard:update.zip

Installation aborted

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Guest schpinn

Has there been any development on this? Seems that everyone's focused almost exclusively on the Desire, no love for the Legend :)..

EDIT: MCR r3 would also be nice..

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Guest joeball88

So if I understand this correctly, this works on a rooted Legend only, so that you can flash a ROM from the storage card? And that means this will only work if your firmware is below 1.31, yes?

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Guest joeball88
So, please correct me if I'm wrong but when 2.03 root will be ready, we will be able to use fake-flash too!

Am I right?

Yep. <looks wistfully out the window> ....someday.

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