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Unrooting - stuck on old ROM

Guest spvdk

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I used the guide here to root a Legend. Got the standard 1.31.405.4 rooted rom on ok and later flashed the rooted 2.03.405.3 rom too.

Now the owner want an unrooted rom due to instability, so I am trying to flash a standard RUU, but it prooved harder than imagined to find these roms. I went to the http://www.shipped-roms.com/shipped/Legend/ folder and tested a few, but only the RUU_Legend_HTC_WWE_1.31.405.5_R_Radio_47.26.35.04_7.05.35.26L_release_126592_sig

ed.exe would install. The later 2.03.405.3 complained about an ID.

Today I am told by a guy on a local Danish board that his Legend, bought from the same provider, is now on 2.05.405.2 thanks to OTA updates, while this one is stuck on 1.31.405.5 and no OTA updates available :)

So did rooting with the firmware from this site lock the Legend to a wrong ID, making it impossible for it to get updates?

Where do I go from here, how do I get the 2.05.405.2 or anything newer on this device, without ending up with a rooted firmware again?

The ability to use OTA updates in the future is _very_ important.

Check my member number. I am not new here, but Android isn't my current platform, so any help is appreciated. Thanks! :D

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