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Solution for Galaxy S not connecting to Kies :D

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The reason your Galaxy S might give trouble connecting to Kies and give you the flashing MTP Application screen is due to filenames longer than 16 characters.

Example of crash ( http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xe3dj3_sa...p-applicat_tech )

You need to delete everything that is over 16 characters on the Internal SD

(The meant I had to uninstall Skyfire and Stumbleupon and some other apps but if you need Kies it has to be done)

You can just unmount the external SD prior to connecting the USB cable.

(If you need to access anything on the external sd card just choose to connect as mass storage rather than the Samsung kies method)

The European Smart Phone of 2010 can't handle filenames longer than 16 characters..... psha!

I'm not claiming this as my fix... I found it here:


I'm just spreading the word as it has taken me aaages to find. Everyone should know that this is the correct fix.

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I found out I only have to rescan the external SD card. So I installed SDrescan from market and run it prior to inserting the USB cable and Kies will connect every single time.

It doesn't matter if I've added/removed files or not since the last Kies connect... it just won't connect unless I've just rescanned the SD card.

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