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Problems with Buildos.exe. Is there another tool to cook a rom?

Guest Devil1978

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I tried to run buildos.exe on 5 Pc's but the tool won't start.

There is always an error message.

Now i search anohter tool to cook a custom rom.

Can you tell me where i can find a tool?

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1 Month ago i cooked a rom and buildos.exe works fine and without any problems.

I used my laptop. Since yesterday it comes an error message. Then i tried it on 5 PC's. The same error. I downloaded the tool newly. But the error comes again. I updatet all my PC's an my laptop.

Nothing happens. I start the tool directly from the windows-explorer and from the ROM-Tool.

The error comes again.

Here now the error message translated from german:

BuildOS.exe has noticed a problem an must be stopped.

If you don't have saved your work, some data will be lost.

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i've had the same problem before. turned out that my computer was infected by virus from other place. but i dont think it is your case. sometimes when i cook ROM for myself, buildOS won't start. so i had to keep trying by clicking "run" several times until the buildOS starts.

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ya, there is another tool from kingmobi, but i don't think it is useful for you, it's all in chinese. or you can use pako777's EXEcutor to manually build ROM, if i'm not mistaken.

just in case, did u download cabarc.rar from 1st page of wes58's thread?

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Now i tried to cook an old ROM. With this old ROM. BuildOS starts when i start the process in ROM-Tool.

But when i try to cook the new ROM BuildOS will not work.

Now i copied the tools folder from the old rom to the now rom folder. It will not start.

Now it runs.

I have found the error.

It was my mistake.

I created with OEMizer two new OEM Version.

With two folders: Public and Private.

Then i gave the two OEM packages the same name JH2 23569.

This was the error.

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