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[2.1 Open Europe] Sync with Exchange calendar problem

Guest Corran

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Hiya, upgraded to the open European 2.1 the other day; now my syncing of Calendar data from Exchange is totally whacked.

I can manually go to Settings - Accounts & sync settings - <my exchange account> - remove the tick, and then add the tick again - and this leaves the Calendar all filled with my precious meetings and stuff.


The problem is, that within whatever resync time I've set, all meetings EXCEPT the very next one will be deleted from the phone. *poff* Gone. Have to manually go and remove and then add the tick again.

W-t-f? In 1.6 the Calendar worked just fine. Same account, same login/password, same server, same firewall. Only difference is 1.6->2.1 on the phone. I use the same do-not-use-3G-only-WiFi-for-syncing-approach in 2.1 as I did in 1.6. Also it doesn't seem to differ if I have an active WiFi-connection or not. It'll just delete the data period. Except the next appointment. (Thank god for small favors, eh?)

Anyone else have this? This is _really_ a showstopper for me. Any tips on how the bleeping bleep I can get the meetings to stick in the Calendar?

[Edit: Tried removing the account from the phone and adding it again. Tried installing other Calendarwidgets/apps and killing the "default" one to no avail. This is driving me nuts. (Nuttier, my co-workers would probably claim.)]

[Edit 2: Been having a "conversation" (felt rather like a one way monologue really) with the Swedish LG support, their remedy of a factory reset was wholly useless. They've promised to return to me on the subject but they haven't for two straight days. Darn, can't believe I wish I still was on 1.6. The phone is utterly useless to me now. Thank god it was cheap. Back to my trusted e90 Communicator for now.]

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Hm. I still have this problem, and still no word from the [swedish] LG-support. They said they'd call me back but that was three weeks ago. Not too impressed B)

Anyho, has anybody (using another ROM perhaps?) succesfully synced and _kept_ the calendar in their phones? I can't wait for LG to get back to me, I'm wondering if I should try some other ROM, so any tips on a ROM that seems to work for someone else is very welcome. I'll happily try any ROM, if I brick the phone I'll just get another (Blade) instead :)

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