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HELP Updating Galaxy to last FROYO

Guest biolca

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Hello everyone!

first of all sorry for my English! :rolleyes:

is the first time I write in this forum and it is only 2 days that I have a Samsung S galaxy (got it used from a friend).


- I own Motorola Milestone for a year, but I've never done modding

- I tried to read a bit here on the forum but honestly I did not understand very much ...


I would like to upgrade to the latest version of Froyo S Galaxy, but I can not.

What I did:

by Odin1.0 I installed the rom:

I9000XWJPA 803.PIT Version 2.2 October 2010

(From http://www.samfirmware.com/WEBPROTECT-i9000.htm)

PIT: s1_odin_20100803.pit

PDA: GT-I9000_I9000XWJPA \ JPA_JP4_U_JPP.tar

Phone :-------

CSC: CSC_I9000OXAJM1.tar.md5

installing first (as it says in the notes of the Rom), this

I9000XWJM8 512.PIT Version 2.1 August 2010

(From http://www.samfirmware.com/WEBPROTECT-i9000.htm)

installing PIT: s1_odin_20100512.pit

PDA: CODE_I9000XWJM8.tar.md5

Phone :-------

CSC: CSC_I9000OXAJM1.tar.md5

The phone kept on rebooting ...

Now I have only installed the I9000XWJM8.tar.md5 and the phone turns on but does not work. (No phone)

I write * # 1234 #

and find:


PHONE: Unknown


Can anyone help me please?

also, anyone know where I can find a guide that explains what is CSC PDA PHONE PIT etc. ... if I knew what I'm doing might be able to do it better!

Thank you very much!



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on JM8 you need to check the repartition with 512pit

on JPA you must NOT check repartition with 803pit and no CSC file

Just boot to recovery wipe and flash again in this order.

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