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[ROM][OLED+TFT] FLB-Froyo G2 for ZTE Blade

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Guest Simon O

What is FLB-Froyo G2?

It's a ROM based upon the most recent Chinese Froyo ROM for the ZTE Blade with all operator customizations removed and elements from stock Android 2.2.2r1. This is designed to provide the most vanilla Froyo experience for the ZTE Blade along with some speed.

post-697226-1296939988_thumb.jpg post-697226-1296939997_thumb.jpg

What is included in the ROM?

- Google Car Home

- Google Desk Clock

- Google TTS

- Gallery 3D

- News & Weather Widget

- Stock Android Launcher

- Full Live Wallpapers

- Google Maps

- Quick Office

- Google Talk

- Android Terminal

- Google Market

- Spare Parts

- Voice Search

- Voice Dialer

- YouTube

- FM Radio by andorko with custom theme


- Rom fully resigned using correct combination of platform, shared, test and media keys

- Custom FLB kernel providing CIFS, TUN, EXT4 support and performance tweaks

- Power button reboot option and app by Paul O'Brien

- Facebook & Twitter contact sync fully working

- Stock Android dialer with Cyanogenmod extras and caller ID fixes

- Stock system apps from Android 2.2.2r1

- Android Keyboard from Gingerbread

- Sound Recorder icon fixed

- Extra notification and ringtones from Nexus S

- HSDPA icon enabled

- Hardware Acceleration enabled

- Nexus Boot Animation

- Menu button unlock disabled

- Most system apps updated. All Google apps updated to latest versions as of 17th February 2011

- Coarse location works. AGPS enabled.

- Two finger pinch to zoom and multitouch enabled for apps such as Browser, Google Maps, Angry Birds etc.

- SIM lock fix by Paul O'Brien

- Froyo Apps2FAT enabled and working. If the app has not moved to SD automatically then you can try and move using Settings > Applications > SD card. For moving all applications download Move2SD Enabler (Root) from the market.

- Gingerbread theme pack. Custom framework with battery percentage, gingerbread launcher, gingerbread dialer, gingerbread icons in various system apps. Theme by Frankish, launcher by Steven Lin, dialer by flibblesan, app icon patches by Paul O'Brien. Install using recovery. First boot will be slow whilst dalvik-cache is rebuilt.

Download the ROM

Current Version r10b

Download: flb-froyo-blade-r10b.zip (75.5 MB) MD5: 4325CB7EAA210C24061F450D2551DD9E

Extras for r10/r10b (Facebook, Twitter, Chrome To Phone, Maps, CPU Control, Quickoffice, and TTS files)

Download: flb-froyo-blade-r10-extras.zip (14.1 MB) MD5: D1E524015391A001BB12A2B8B30BDC08

NEW r10 to r10b patch. Fixes superuser and virtual operators on lockscreen (giffgaff etc)

Download: flb-froyo-blade-r10b-update.zip (607 KB) MD5: 7A9F81D358D3C4484A7F76CD3494A272

Gingerbread theme pack for r10/r10b (file will say r9a but will work fine with r10)

Download: gbthemepack-flb-froyo-r9a.zip mirror (10.8 MB) MD5 7737631D3C278EC8533F3A6D58469A97

Don't flash the Gingerbread theme pack until your phone has booted with a fresh install of r8a first. Reboot into recovery then install the theme.

Gingerbread pack will remove the notification bar widgets. Use Frankish's themes if you want to keep the widget.

Previous versions

Version r9b

Download: flb-froyo-blade-r9b.zip mirror (87.3 MB) MD5: C83090B48F86B35ED60BF4335AB2F4F2

Version r8a No-wipe needed for r7 and r6a fixed edition users

Download: flb-froyo-blade-r8a.zip mirror (91.3 MB) MD5: CC5EFBC3B4358A4B18498012DC6D4A3B

Slim version for TPT users (no Facebook, Listen, Maps, Quickoffice, Twitter)

Download: flb-froyo-blade-r8a-slim.zip mirror (81 MB) MD5: 2E62B85AD9F360E6441209BF6053171E

Gingerbread theme packs for r8a

Download: gbthemepack-flb-froyo-r8a.zip mirror (12.8 MB) MD5 39A834ED1125490AFB2EF3AFCAF9DFCB

Special version without the icon replacement scripts for people who have problems with Android Market crashing

Download: gbthemepack-flb-froyo-noicon-r8a.zip (12.8 MB) MD5 421D5118C34202F51EBA58B4019949E0

Download: flb-froyo-blade-r7a.zip mirror (97.7 MB) MD5: C4EEBF8FE2C133E2CEF53EF207A29B7F

Gingerbread theme pack for r7a: gbthemepack-flb-froyo-r7a.zip mirror (13.3 MB) MD5 9C97346F4AA7EE70B14A5B35C0929D8F

r7 to r7a update patch for current r7 users

Download: flb-froyo-blade-r7-r7a.zip mirror (12.6 MB) MD5: 467D832159BAA5780CFB2AB4652FAAA4

Version r7 (can upgrade from r6. If your r6 has the caller ID bug then you'll need to wipe)

Download: flb-froyo-blade-r7.zip mirror (94.3 MB) MD5: DA699264B500B37A09A749A5FD6E5F7A

TouchPal apk for those that want it (will crash when trying to use dictionary). Unpack and install apk file on your phone TouchPal.zip

Version r6

Download: flb-froyo-blade-r6.zip (fixed version by danz0l)

Gingerbread theme for r6: flb-froyo-blade-r6-gbtheme.zip (10 MB) MD5 6C0C40DD332EF36FAD57D09E0EA9C03E

ROM is compatible with all versions of Clockwork recovery. However you are strongly advised to updated recovery to at least ( preferred) if you are planning to use Apps2SD as the partitioning has been fixed in this version. You can get this here: Clockworkmod Recovery

Important: First boot will be slow and the system sluggish due to various system scripts running. Wait for the phone to boot then reboot once. After the second boot the phone will be much better.

Thanks to: Paul O'Brien, DJ Steve, Frankish, jonuwz, danz0l, andorko. If I'm using something you did and I didn't credit you, let me know.

A guide to syncing Facebook contacts can be found here

Wrong SMS Service Center? Dial *#*#4636#*#* then choose Phone information then enter your number into SMSC. Click update to save.


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What is FLB-Froyo G2? It's a ROM based upon the most recent Chinese Froyo ROM for the ZTE Blade with all operator customizations removed and elements from stock Android 2.2.2r1. This is designed to p

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Guest Simon O


r10b - 1st March 2011

- virtual operators shown on lockscreen again correctly

- Superuser and busybox permissions fixed

r10 - 28th February 2011

- Added lines to build.prop and replaced all WiFi files to try to resolve all issues.

- Split larger apps off into an extras zip to assist users with smaller system partitions.

- FM Radio app updated to 0.6 RDS

- Added NoFrills CPU Control application from XDA to provide easy overclocking.

- Relocated superuser binary to /system/bin/ and created symlink to xbin to try and resolve issues people have been experiencing.

- Superuser upgraded to latest version

r9b - 17th February 2011

- Reversed the A2SD update and apps on /data as they may have been causing the market to break for some users

r9a - 17th February 2011

- Contacts app rolled back to the previous version to fix Splitting and Joining of contacts

- Kernel updated to provide available frequencies to SetCPU and other apps.

- Fixed missing line preventing the additional apps being installed to /data/app

- Added missing reboot application

r9 - 17th February 2011

- Contacts app updated to CM6 version. fully working

- OC kernel as standard. To overclock edit script in system/etc/init.d or install setcpu

- A2SD script replaced with Darktremor A2SD

- notification bar settings icons mod by 0x90 (using a custom theme will remove this facility)

- power control widge has data toggle rather than sync toggle due to using ZTE settings app.

- Lockscreen pattern lock correct text (finally!)

r8a - 6th February 2011


- voicemail for O2 customers

- Sound Recorder correctly names

- Settings.apk tutorial removed (didn't work)

- Caller ID bug fixed (again)

r8 - 5th February 2011


- gps.conf fixes to speed up gps

- Odd images in Contacts fixed

- Incorrect images in Email fixed

- Airplane mode message on lockscreen fixed

- SIM lock message fixed

- System apps rebuilt from AOSP 2.2.2r1

- GSM signal shouldn't be lost when using wifi

- Contacts app now imports SIM contacts correctly

- This issue with voice search fixed

- Maps updated to latest version. Seems to resolve the issue with partial wake usage being high

- Settings app can now save APN information

- Reboot option in power menu removed due to the lockscreen fixes.

- wpa_supplicant replaced with version from jj rom

- Contact images correctly sized when using the Gingerbread theme

Known issues:

- Contacts & dialer do not support landscape mode

- Intial location in maps may place you elsewhere for a few seconds whilst the phone determines your location

- stagefright still disabled. Youtube mobile website does not function without stagefright - use the app instead

r7a - 2nd February 2011


- Missing languages in system apps added

- wpa_supplicant fixed

- GoogleServicesFramework replaced with working version

r7 - 2nd February 2011


- Custom FLB kernel with CIFS, TUN, EXT4 support and performance tweaks

- Rom fully resigned using correct keys

- TouchPal removed due to crashes

- Android Keyboard replaced with Gingerbread keyboard

- Reboot option added to power menu

- Messaging app updated with latest patches from Google for the recipient bug fixes. Also allows custom user agent for mms and black/white background

- Fixed Facebook status showing in the contacts app. Now shows as Facebook rather than Netmeeting

- Caller ID fixed. Users updating from an older rom with the bug will need to wipe

- Google apps updated

- Some WiFi fixes to try and resolve the reconnecting issue

- Boot animation replaced with nexus animation due to complaints about zte animation

- Stagefright disabled. It's buggy and provides no performance improvements. ROM performs better using the older OpenCore libs

- TaskManager crashing fixed

r6 - 8th January 2011


- Custom built kernel for all ZTE Blades. OLED and TFT, 3mp and 5mp cameras. Any issues please report.

- Majority of system applications updated to Android 2.2.1 base.

- A2SD enabled. Needs an ext2/ext3 partition on the SD for use. Will automatically activate if you have one.

- Buggy ZTE SmartDialer replaced with the Android dialer. If you need a T9 dialer please install an alternative from the market.

- System has been completely resigned using the test key. Custom frameworks will need to be resigned accordingly. This will make it a lot easier for people to produce custom themes.

- Distinct multitouch enabled for applications that support it such as Google Maps. Allows two finger rotation.

- Stagefright disabled as it's broken.


- Camera app should no longer crash for 5MP users

- Facebook contact sync now works

- Changed default DNS from Taiwan to Google DNS. May fix the no connection issues affecting some users. This is an untested fix

- Removed CheckinProvider which caused high CPU usage. Removed all ZTE apps apart from Filer and Task Manager

r5a - 3rd January 2011


- Email app crash when viewing fixed. Tested as fully working.

r5 - 2nd January 2011


- Email app force close when forwarding email

- PIN & Password lock screen configuration no longer force closes

r4a - 2nd January 2011


- Menu button unlock disabled. Gingerbread theme updated with the fix.

r4 - 1st January 2011


- Browser reverted to stock configuration with no pre-installed Chinese bookmarks

- Settings.apk fixed to remove ZTE Hand Service.

- HSDPA icon enabled

- Launcher2 from G2 ROM with corrected shortcuts


- Android Term

- Google Car Home

- Google Market

- Google Maps

- Gallery3D

- Live Wallpapers

- Magic Smoke Live Wallpapers

- Smart Dialer

- YouTube

- Google Listen

- Google TTS

- QuickOffice

- WiFi Status

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Guest Simon O



P.S - Do you have any screen shots?

p.p.s - link doesn't seem to be working.

I'm still uploading it :rolleyes: I'll update thread once it's uploaded.

Screenshots to come shortly.

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Guest Simon O
Are all mp3's working perfectly? Or is that a kernal issue that can't be fixed?

So far they seem to work ok.

Update: Woops. Seems that I broke youtube. Just fixed it and uploading an updated zip now.

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Guest razialita

hi thanks for that. may i know what's hardware acceleration? is that overclocking?

also, how do i backup my stuff in the phone or is it not possible? and lastly should i edit build.prop's VM size to 32?

thanks =]

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Guest Simon O
hi thanks for that. may i know what's hardware acceleration? is that overclocking?

also, how do i backup my stuff in the phone or is it not possible? and lastly should i edit build.prop's VM size to 32?

thanks =]

build.prop has been changed to 48MB which improves performance with the JIT. hardware acceleration allows the GUI to be generated by the GPU rather than the CPU.

As for your data and apps you could use something like Titanium Backup.

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Guest flopyro

anyone tryed the ROM ? how is it ? i'm at work, i cannot download it here ! :rolleyes:

do you have to install it via ClockworkMod Recovery ? (so rename the file to: update.zip)


Edit: i did a benchmark on my ZTE too, i have a score of only 350 :huh: (i'm using Paul's R4 rom)

Edited by flopyro
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Guest Totyasrác

Yo man :rolleyes:

I have to tell you that one of the main reasons for me to switch from the Pulse to the SanFran was your commitment to the MoDaCo community - and here we are, your Froyo ROM is just being downloaded while I'm writing this :huh:


(Will report back as soon as it is installed :huh:)

Edited by Totyasrác
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Guest veehexx
The other Froyo ROM had a bad influence on the battery life. Any information about the battery life of this ROM ?

Thanks btw, I'm using your ROM's since the Pulse ;-)

i too want to know the same;

- does the dialer still take excessive battery life, and

- has this rom locked up on anyone yet? the current china 2.2 locked up on me twice yesterday - seems like the touchscreen stops responding although everything else works fine.

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Guest Totyasrác
Wipe Data and Cache before installing

Can someone explain this in a bit more detail please, I'm running Pauls R4 at the moment .

If using ROM Manager - when choosing "Install zip from SD" after selecting the zip it is asked:

- Wnat to backup current ROM

- Wipe data & cache

Select the second options for sure and there you go :rolleyes:

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Guest Just Wondering

Ahhhh thank you :rolleyes:

I'm running clock work recovery mod

Wipedata/factory reset be the same option ?

And also do a wipe cache partition ?

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Ok, flashed and now restoring apps with Ti. Great work! Now just have to check market works (Edit: it does :rolleyes:). With regards to the dialer - can we use the ZTE one from the 2.1 ROMs?

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