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New Omnia7 Unlock IE Settings

Guest timbob78

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Just unlocked my new omnia7 (upgrade from iPhone 4!!) so i can use my preferred carrier (O2), however I can't navigate to any websites in IE, I just get a sceen message in IE saying Action was cancelled.

Am guessing i need to edit the IE settings to use O2 however I cant find anything to change! Can someone advise?

I haven't installed or setup Zune on my PC yet - do i need to do that first?

Cheers :P

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The settings should be there but you may need to enter the apn in Settings/System/mobile network.

Fortunately for HTC devices they come with a nice little app that sorts the connection out for you.

As for the Omnia I presume it does not have something similar?

Below should hopefully be the settings you need.

APN address (contract): wap.o2.co.uk

APN address (PAYG): payandgo.o2.co.uk

Username : o2wap (contract) / payandgo (PAYG)

Password: password

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