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A new member want some inquiries about HTC desire

Guest nabilfady

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Dear all, i'm a new member in this forum and i'm going to buy mobile phone HTC Desire soon. but i want to know if there is any problem when i make many calls in a few minutes? because i use the mobile phone for hard work. I mean sometimes I could make 4 or 5 calls within two minutes.

So i will be grateful if somebody have this model to advise me and tell me before i buy this model. If this model good for hard work?

thanks a lot, with my best regards

bye bye

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First off this is the Desire Z forum, not the Desire so you may get better results if you post in the correct forum.

Anyways just in case it was a typo I have made a few calls one after the other with no problems on my Desire Z. Never heard of a phone that has problems making one call after the other to be honest. As for hard work, how would your phone know if your doing hard work or slacking off :S

Only thing I can think is that english is not your first language, if that is the case maybe what your trying to ask is about conference calls? Connecting a few calls at once? If thats the case I am sorry I can't help further cause I have not used my handset for this :P

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You are right, My first language is not the English. i'm sorry

Firstly, thanks so much for your reply. i just want to say that i'm working as a site engineer, That's mean i could receive many calls and i could make many calls in a few time, i was not asking about the conference calls. But your answer was sufficient for me. thanks

Secondly, i want to inform you that i still hesitate to buy Desire or Desire Z, So i need ur advice.

That why i put my inquiry in Desire's forum to know if somebody have an opinion about Z. I'm sorry again,

However, I will be grateful if you answer these questions related to Desire Z.

1- how many days the battery still charge.

2- Is the deferences in Processor between Desire and Desire Z will effect in battery life. "as you know the Desire has 1 Ghz and Desire Z has 800 Ghz.

3- Did the Desire Z made reboot or restart itself after making a call or anytime?

thanks so much, with my best regards.

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No problem. There are threads that cover most of what your asking but here goes:

1) I've had my Z for about a week now, and the battery seems to be going better. It used to drop like 30% over an hour or so which was scary but thing seem to have settled now and I can get a days typical usage out of it but you will find as will most new smartphones you will need to charge it every night.

2) Even though the clock speed is slower on the new Z, it is a second generation CPU and is much faster (3 times as fast actually) I made some references to it here that link to the benchmarks I did: http://android.modaco.com/index.php?s=&amp...t&p=1483594

3) My Z has never reeboted at all under normal operation.

Hope this helps you with your decision.

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