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I have bought a tablet for my daughters birthday as a cheap starter tablet. It is called the cherrypad america by cherrypal. I bought it a few months ago as I thought it would get the froyo 2.2 update but it seems there is problems with it & the company something to do with gapps rights. They say it will be updated eventually to gingerbread but seeing is believing and the company's support is shocking.

Anyway my problem is it has market installed but it doesn't download anything more than a few apps & doesn't scroll properly like my phone. Is there anyway I can reload android market as thats all she's interested in. I'm no expert in programming etc, but I have managed to upload cm6.1 and apps2 sd etc to my phone and that goes great thanks to the help of all the programmers on this site who are so helpful and the guy who developed the actual rom.

If there is anything i can do at all I would really appreciate the help.


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