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Following twu2's tutorial: Which PHP win32 binary?

Guest unh1nged

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I have been watching these boards for months now. Still unable to find the right ROM for me. Although, TWU2, Speedfrog, Alex823, MS Team are some of my favs. Great work everyone. I would like to be able to tailor one to suit my needs. So I have finally begun the journey of the Chef. I am a quick learner. I took Computer Programming in College and left the course with a 90 avg midway thru the second semester due to the "not having enough money" thing. So I dropped out, went to work. I am now a mail carrier for 10 yrs. I just had surgery to replace 2 discs in my neck on Monday. I find myself with 2 weeks of work off, and an increased determination to learn how to cook. In between sleeping, and pain pills, I plan to do this. As I have witnessed on this site over the past while, I know I will have the best help around to accomplish my personal mission.

I love building computers, troubleshooting etc.

My Phone: MOBILE- Samsung Omnia i8000L (Phone I8000XXJJ1; Eboot Eboot_I8000NXXJJ1_HW_40; PDA I8000NXXJJ1; CSC Bell Stock)

My rig: CASE- Thermaltake Xaser III case w/ 7 fans, PS 750-Watt Ultra modular, MB- GigaByte P35-DS3L, CPU- Intel Q6600 (mild OC on lapped processor w/ stock cooling) 4x3.0Ghz, MEMORY- 4x2Ghz gSkill memory sticks (3-3-3-12)running in dual-channel, SB Audigy 5.1, Logitech X-540 Speaker system, GigaByte Geforce GTS450 (mildly OC'd 900/2100/1800mhz).

Well enough about my boring life, onto my problem.. which sadly enough comes so early in the twu2s tutorial.. http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-omnia-...te-rom-like-me/ :/

There are like 6 different choices at: http://windows.php.net/download/, not to mention the two source code packs as well.

So which php win32 binary do I need?

Thanks to all chefs for all your hard work, and to the community for being part of the best community on the web. (And feeding my flashing addiction) =)

Hope to get some help soon, thanks again.

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you dont need to open a new thread for a question about twu2`s guide, just ask in the thread next time :)

i dont know the name of which you shall use, but here is the one i use:


I will go with that one then. Speedfrog is aftre all a trusted member of the "amphibious hyperativus" family. :)

Although I am running Win 7 Ultimate x64 if that makes a difference?

Thanks again speed

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no, im using that one and i have 64 bit win7 :)

I have win7 32 bit, the one that you posted do I need any other things like from apache.org?

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