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csc's and Hardware keyboard

Guest amd2400

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Hi guys,

After experimenting with roms i accidently flashed my csc (without noting/backing up my previous csc) and now my hardware keyboard is going funny.

my keyboard layout now reflects this post

Does anybody have the question mark key (?) on the LEFT side of the keyboard instead of the right? If so what CSC are you using?

Failing this post im going to go digging and csc hunting.

All i know is that my previous CSC had Vodafone settings on it for mms and GPRS connections, which is what i believe CSC files also contain?



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Ok, solved my problem i believe. I went digging and hunting for csc's around this forum and here is what i found.

This link contains the download link for the il4 CSC's, which is supposed to give ya better battery life:


It contained 10+ csc's in one file (multi csc) and i just had to match my phone to whatever csc was needed. I put my imei into a imei decoder to find it's origin (B7610's are not available in my country), and started trying all the il4's in that multi csc.

In the end i ended up with the LUX il4, which matched my keyboard perfectly.

I will have to test it over the next couple of days to see whether it works in my country, but as far as i am aware all the csc contains is the screens displayed when the phone is off (charging, bootup etc), and some of the keyboard layout configs, and other erroneous things which differ to country to country. Different CSC's shouldnt have any effect on the phone side of things.

But so far it looks promising and the potential of more battery life is promising.

Hope i've helped some of you guys out here on the keyboard problems when going into diff csc's.


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hey dude,

i was hopeing that you solved my problem but not. I also have question mark on left and z and y buttons changed (german QWERTZ) when i have polish or english CSC I have z and y on right place but I don't have "?" anywhere (I have to open screen keyboard). When I inster german CSC i have question mark but I always have to remember not to mistake z with y. Does anybody know CSC which would solve my problem? Or maybe there is another solution then changing CSC?

thank you guys.

PS. and2400, LUX IL4 doesn't work for me becouse it is AZERTY so it is completly unacceptable.


It's always like this. I have long strugle with all those CSC's. And I tried last english CSC I had. From B7610NXXIL4 (multi) it is B7610NTENIL4. I think it will work perfectly for at least polish users. Z and Y like in normal QWERTY and "?" avilable from a place as marked on keyboard. I am so happy!


unfortunately it is not perfect. coma ist under "äü" button when you pres alt and there is "ö" symbol under "back/X" button. Is it possible to sign back/X button to W/L ?


i solved it somehow with AE button plus

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