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Temproot with visionary r13

Guest Dava04

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I have a HTC Legend, its new, with hboot 1.01 and Android 2.2, i got it as i needed a phone that worked with skype, email, a couple of games and nothing else really.

The phone however is loaded with useless (to me) 1st party apps, and I have been trying to get rid of them to no avail, after a lot of research on this site and others it seemed rooting would be the only way to remove them, some hours later it seems I can temp root (much easier) with visionary.

What my problem is, is there still doesn't seem to be the option of nuking these 1st party apps with this temp root + SU access activated.

So the questions are these.

How can I delete these 1st party apps, (my goal is a very clean and empty OS on the phone)

Is a temp root different from a permaroot, meaning if i cant get rid of the apps in temp root, am i just wasting my time trying to do a full root on the phone.

Thanks for the help in advance

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I have seen that a few people have looked at this, and yet there is no answer, this leads me to think that I have fundamentally misunderstood what rooting my phone can do.

I am thinking that now its like a closed network in a school or office, and rooting the phone will give me the keys to do what i like with the OS in the phone. Is this the case, or it just allows me to load new OS's moded by other people and then edit from there.

I have been reading a lot and looking all over for answers, the only thing i could find is one person saying that to delete all the apps that came with the phone I would need to root the phone, but temprooting it has not allowed me to do as suggested.

Any one any ideas?

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