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Battery not charging

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I have a HTC Legend and I stupidly jumped in a pool with it in my pocket about 40 hours ago. It was only in the water for about 5 seconds but it was enough to kill it for a while. I let it dry off and have managed to get it to turn on and make phone calls intermittently - I can also access the memory card.

Problem is it doesn't seem to be charging when I plug it into my PC or into a power point. The amber charge light lights up, but the charge bar doesn't move and, when I unplug it, the phone turns itself off 'cause the battery is flat.

I know the obvious answer is that I've stuffed something with the water, but was hoping someone might be able to help me out here. Only just got the phone and I'm spewing about it.

The phone turns on briefly, before dying after the HTC startup screens, when I turn it on without a charger plugged in. So that must mean the battery has charge in it and is working, right? Also, like I said, it stays on when I have the charger plugged in, so that must mean power is getting to the phone somehow I guess. The battery just doesn't want to charge though.

I'm trying to charge it with the phone off, because I read a similar post where that helped (no water damage involved there though) but it keeps turning itself on - even when I remove and replace the battery and don't turn it on myself.

Does anyone have any knowledge of the circuitry of these things and can think of a solution? Could it just be the battery or another replacable part? I really hope so. Otherwise I'm just going cross my fingers and hope it just needs to dry out some more.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.



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I think your battery is just dead, also, it is most likely the least expensive part to try replacing...

Buy a replacement battery and see how it goes from there.

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