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Quantum experience so far

Guest Echo30

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I picked up the quantum from Bell in Ontario tonight. So far, I love it.

I've had an LG before, the Voyager. Now, while that one is a regular cell phone, the keyboard was pretty slick. However I'm not the biggest fan of having one on a cell phone (too many moving parts that can break). but on the quantum, it's a work of art. Very easy to type with. I've only had the phone for one evening, and I'm already getting pretty quick with it. My only gripe would be that it is a little too loose. I was hoping for a phone where you had to push on it to open it. When I reach in my pocket for it, I can constantly feel the keyboard sliding out just a touch. A stiffer keyboard hinge would have been perfect.

The screen is noticeably smaller than, I think, all the other wp7 devices. However that just means a higher concentration of pixels. And to be honest, coming from an Omnia 2, I don't even notice it that much. All the text is completely readable, and nothing feels small or cluttered.

The brightness is great as well. I know Samsung has their SAMOLED thing going, but the Quantum screen seems to be on par with anything else right now.

Overall, wp7 is delightful to use, and actually helps your productivity in whatever you're doing.

And I love the xbox live integration.

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