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Omnia B7350

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Hi people,

We have a samsung omnia b7350, its been fantastic until it yesterday when we switch it on it just stays showing the samsung Logo ie the "Sansung" with the web addy in small print under it, it just wont boot, is there any kind of reset on this phone, i cant get into the phone to do a hard software reset so any comments saying type this is "* blah blah " wont work, it just sits there with the startup writing, ive tried to hold the power button as it says a reset can be done that way, and again it goes off and the second you release it then the phone just powers up again sitting in the 1st window, nitemare i can say, so any help would be greatly appreciated, the phone has windows 6.5 on it and the SBP software as well.. thats about it really..



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