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SMS backup?

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Hi all,

Got a desire stuck with what I think is a slightly defective 2.1 install (random reboots, touch screen freezes etc) that I'm planing to wipe and restore to 2.2 this weekend to confirm, before sending the phone off to be looked at if it still acts up!

I don't really care about much on the phone, all sunk to the cloud and such, but I would like to figure out how to keep my text messages. A quick google shows a few apps that do this but is there a standard preferred option?

Thanks in advance.


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Just in case anyone is searching for something and finds this topic, I ended up using SMS Backup & Restore which worked perfectly!


Best app for backing up / restoring SMS, MMS and call details is SMS Backup + from a developer called Jan Berkel.

It lets you fully determine how messages are stored in Gmail (with certain tags, unread/read, etc).

Using it for over a year and it never ever let me down.

Best of all: it's free (although I did donate and translate the app for him in Dutch) :(

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