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could somebody please explain about CDMA and GSM ROMS

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Guest RoyZ7

Hi everybody,

I have 2 questions if i may..

1. on some tutorials for flashing it says that i should download and install the CDMA driver.

I AM using a GSM phone..

this is not something i should do right?

2. on some ROM announcements it does not say if it intended to be used for CDMA or GSM.

I AM surfing only the " i8000 Omnia II GSM ROM Discussion" forum..

I have searched all forums with no luck.

please tell me how do i figure this out and keep it safe to download a ROM without getting into trouble.

Thanks a lot!


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Guest kimitza

if i'm not wrong, the driver name is generic. so, don't worry if it says cmda driver for your gsm phone. there are thousands of users who flashed their phones with the help of that driver.:(

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