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Based on V9_GENERICV1.0.0B03

"Clean" Rom + Rooted

With : recovery-clockwork- by Sebastian404

Hardware butons dont'seem to start recovery so use quick boot...for now

alphaxsMOD2.2.1 will be realeasad next, with new boot logo and with the basic apps loaded, and other improvements.

It will be installed via recovery.

This one is installed via FTM flasher - Multisales.

And is a room to use to upgrade from 2.1 to 2.2., or some emergency.

How to Install:

(this part used gtranslate(its 02:00 got to go to slepp)

from: http://androidpt.com/index.php?option=com_...0&Itemid=30

Good Start for general tutorial to upgrade to 2.2

NOTE: Due to some errors advise drivers who have a machine with XP to use for this process, who do not have it you can create a virtual machine with virtual box (always the way trust me)

1 - Download from:




2) Unzip everything to a directory

3 - Install the program Sales_MultiDL_MSM7227_V1.00.01

4 - Copy the file to the folder Sales_MultiDL_MSM7227_patched.exe program installation

5 - Run the program Sales_MultiDL_MSM7227_V1.00.01 and indicate the path to the directory where the room was extracted alphaxsMOD2.2.0.1

6 - With ZTE off removing the battery and wait 10 seconds, can touch the contacts of ZTE to accelerate discharge wastewater, and then reconnect the battery.

7 - Press (and hold) VOL (-) & VOL (+) and then also press the power button button, (you'll see the light flashes one time).

8 - Now turn on the ZTE with the USB cable to the PC;

9 - Go to My Computer, selecting with the right mouse button and choose to manage;

10 - Select the Device Manager and go to the port and see the number that appears;

11 - Go Sales_MultiDL_MSM7227_V1.00.01 window and select an ADC that port;

12 In low-in 'Information File' clicks SW Directory and browse to the folder 'alphaxsMOD2.2.0.1'

13 - Select 'Backup NV' and then 'Start All'

14 - Will you stay with a new file in the program folder called 'Channel1.nvm' (make a copy for safety) (if error, does everything till the end if you finish with FTM screen returns to repeat the process, the second time ja will create the file correctly (may be the first time at 0 kb)

15 - Now in Action Mode select 'Download' and then 'Start All'

16 - Began ensures that not even turn off the PC or the tablet!

17 - If everything went well you have the 2.2 if you stay locked up on the screen MTF (if the file has 0 kb Channel1.nvm can happen, then repeats the process going and this time the backup already generates a file of any size. If FTM der again takes the battery and repeat the process that I explained before, then waits for the first boot takes more time. You can also try to link carrying power & vol +

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