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Utopia aPad8: no contacts and calendar syncing

Guest Roo13

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As said, in "accounts and sync", i don't have a contacts and calendar.

I've tried replacing ContactsProvider.apk, CalendarProvider.apk and AccountsAndSyncSettings.apk from a 2.2 rom but with no success...

In DevTools compared to a phone wich has cal and contacts I've noticed a difference, in sync tester i don't have:



in adapters' list...

if anyone has a clue, feel free to share...

thx in advance

EDIT: additional infos about the device

i got me this one on ta0ba0, it's M802 (seems to be an apad without any writings in the back), i've been advised by Lin Xin to buy from them.

Exactly the same as here: The cheapest Cortex-A8 tablet, less than $106 USD | M.I.C Digi (but was about 120$, 100's $ device were uncertains to my opinion).

Hardware informations:

- Webcam/camera

- 1 speaker

- 2 screws

- Nothing written in the back

Software informations:

Model number: imx51_bbg

Android version: 2.2

Baseband version: unknown

Kernel version: [email protected] #83

Build number: imx51_bbg-eng 2.2 FRF85B eng.root.20110101.013652 test-keys

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