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Samsung Focus downgrading from WP7 to WM 6.5.3

Guest zappasan

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This WP7 os stinks as to the proprietary nature.

I have I nice new Samsung Focus with no AT&T applications and the .7008 os.

What I wonder about:

Can the windows mobile 6.5.3/6.5 be installed on that phone?

I have a Samsung Omnia II also and some applications I really dig.

And so the Focus is a nice phone (for me) but the WP7 stinks.

Can not even syncronize directly with Outlook (an IPhone can and that is also a g.d. proprietary phone)

Anyone have the needed cookbook and tools?

That is, given it is possible to downgrade.

The os for 6.5.3 I have, but I can not use Octans on the Focus so if it is possible in some way to downgrade the phone I need something similar that works with the WP7 phone, Focus


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