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ROM's for HTC 7 Pro

Guest Dado...

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Here is topic's from XDA forum where you can find ROM's, instructions, etc...

Please, give support and respect to original authors

not NoDo

RUU_Gold_O2_DE_1.07.207.01_Radio_5.62.09.03a_22.31 .50.09U_by_ansar

RUU_Gold_HTC_Europe_1.22.401.01_Radio_5.63.09.13_3 a_22.36.50.15U_by_ansar



[NoDo ROM]RUU_Gold_O2_DE_1.24.401.01_Radio_5.64.09.20_22.42. 50.15U_NoDo, by ansar

[NoDo ROM]RUU_Gold_C_Sprint_WWE_1.25.651.01_Radio_1.51.00.01 _23.12W.05.06U, by ansar

[ROM]RUU_Gold_TMO_DE_2.01.111.01_Radio_5.65.09.25a_22.4 5.50.21_Signed

[NoDo ROM]RUU_Gold_O2_DE_2.01.111.01_Radio_5.65.09.25a_22.45 .50.21U_NoDo, by ansar

[NoDo ROM]RUU_Gold_C_Sprint_WWE_1.29.563.02_Radio_1.51.00.01 _23.12W.05.06U, by ansar

NoDo (custom)

[Custom ROM]RUU_Gold_HTC_Europe_1.24.401.01_Radio_5.65.09.25a_ by ansar

Mango RTM build 7720

RUU_Gold_S_HTC_Europe_3.02.401.01_Radio_5.69.09.29 a_22.50.50.21_Signed_GOLD_RELEASE

WARNING: do not flash if you have HSLP installed, your device be bricked. reverse to original SPL first.

Mango beta (custom)

[DFT Freedom ROM] Mango 7713 GOLD Custom ROM

[DFT Freedom ROM] Mango 7714 GOLD Custom ROM

Mango (custom)

[DFT Freedom ROM] Mango 7720 Gold Custom ROM

XBmod ROM 7720 v1.01 for HTC 7 Pro, Gold

If you have device with unknown CID (CID 0), you must done first upgrade with HTC Gold Card

Goldcard by viperbjk


for HTC 7 Pro Gold Card rename ROM file to GOLDIMG.NBH

P.S. 2

with NoDo upgrade, you cant unlock phone with ChevronWP7. maybe is possible to remain unlocked if you unlock phone before upgrade to NoDo (not tested by myself) and after that upgrade with Zune to NoDo. Custom ROM's is already unlocked (read more info about ROM)

PS. 3

For custom ROM's you must have

[DFT] HSPL / RSPL for HTC WP7 First Generation

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Here confirmed equipment which work for use with HTC Gold Card. Big thx to XDA user arcnet... This is great help to avoid unnecessary cost to buy equipment which not work...

Micro SD SDHC TF Card Reader Adaptor USB 2.0 Upto 16GB £0.99 pence !!

USB GENDER Changer USB A Female to A Female New UK £2.99

USB Y Cable for External Hard Drive 2 USB A to Micro B £5.94


The red USB plug goes to PC.

Gender changer goes on the black USB and allows the card reader to be attached.

The micro usb goes to HD7 r any other HTC device

The SanDisk 2GB micro-sd card works a treat as goldcard.

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new 5x Mango custom ROM added to list

[DFT Freedom ROM] Mango 7714 GOLD Custom ROM

About DFT Freedom ROM for Gold see here

This ROM replace mango 7714 OS from Previous ROM

"multitasking" has been achieved

Wifi can not find the hidden features

Must use version 4.8 ZUNE

Sync Live is normal, download the xap from Market is normal

support 22 languages






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[DFT Freedom ROM] Mango 7720 Gold Custom ROM

DFT proudly presents Frist Mango 7720 Build Custom ROM

This is First Fully unlocked Custom ROM for all HTC operator devices which support by RSPL/HSPL operator,you can flash any time after you install our RSPL/HSPL.

This release [DFT Freedom ROM] supports 22 languages(one USA_CHT_CHS_JPN_KOR rom and one 18 langs(USA_ENG_FRA_ITA_GER_ESN_NLD_DAN_FIN_NOR_SVE_ PTB_PTG_RUS_ELL_HUN_CSY_PLK)in one rom which is



This 2 ROM driver base from RUU_Gold_S_HTC_Europe_3.02.401.01_Radio_5.69.09.29 a_22.50.50.21_Signed_GOLD_RELEASE.exe

and cooked with Mango 7720 build and remove some of operator's(T-Mobile,AT&T,Telstra) own apps just left HTC apps.

Please note this ROM WILL NOT update new version of OS via Zune , we are working on this before we done will contiune release new version of Mango if we can get it.

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XBmod ROM 7720 V 1.01 for HTC 7 Pro,Gold.

With XBmod Rom you can send cutom cab packages to device.The packages modify the rom itself so they stay in place even after a reset and can update any part of the rom (SLDR,NK,LOGO...) and update the build without reflashing the Device.we believe that this process is the simplest way:

-for users to customize the rom as they likes & avoid constant reflash for update.

-for developer to try differents tweaks-for cookers to send their own corrective packages,without need to recook and reflash!

-for any developpers and designers to make custom packages for WP7 community.

XBmod ROM 7720 v1.01 for HTC 7 Pro, Gold

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