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/cache almost full although using a2sd+

Guest heecks

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I'm using Fr11 with a2sd+.

Some applications could not be installed in my phone (the application was correctly downloaded then "installation failed" message occured). So I cleaned up the dalvik-cache (rm -r /cache/dalvik-cache/* while in recovery mode).

After that, I managed to install one application (google maps update) but then the problem reappeared with other applications.

I noticed that /cache partition is almost full (3.1MiB left).

I have three questions :

1) I can guess that /system/sd/dalvik-cache is the cache on the SD card used by a2sd+, so was is the purpose to /cache/dalvik-cache ? And why this internal memory cache is located on a very small partition (40MiB) ?

2) Is it safe to delete /cache/dalvik-cache and to create a link in the SD card partition ?

Something like :

rm -rf /cache/dalvik-cache

mkdir /system/sd/dalvik-cache2

ln -s /system/sd/dalvik-cache2 /cache/dalvik-cache

Thank you for your help.

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