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Peace y'all

Guest the sandman

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I have recently purchased the Samsung Droid Charge and with doing so I will no longer be participating in this Omnia 2 forum.

I would like to thank all the chefs that made the Omnia 2 a great phone. I appreciate all the hard work that they did.

And I would also like to thank all other members in this forum for helping me out when I had problems.


For those of you who are thinking about switching to Android I would highly recommend it. I had the Droid Charge for only 2 days now and I find it WAY better than Windows Mobile in every aspect

Peace out!

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I don't think you'll regret it. Android is just so much more dynamic than WinMo - I was shocked when I moved over to the Thunderbolt. And, I can't speak for the Charge dev comunity, but the T-bolt has some amazing work going on. Adrynalyne has a group of Devs called Team BAMF, and they've not only got Gingerbread, but elements of Sense 3.0 working on the device! (Sense looked great on our Omnia II, but due to the phone's limitations, it ran kind of laggy)

That said, I do have some minor regrets - I really miss the amoled screen. The TFT on the Thunderbolt looks so bland by comparison, and is next to useless in sunlight. Also, I miss the stereo speakers on the O2. They were loud and sounded great. Finally, there's the battery life. I can't even speak about it, it's so upsetting. How in the hell could HTC think a 1400mah battery would be enough for a phone with a 4-inch TFT backlight, and both a 4g and 3g radio? Our O2s have a 1500mah, and thet's with only a 3g radio, and a 3.7-inch amoled. And the battery life on them was only acceptable.

(But, 4G speed really rocks!)

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