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Hi guys, I would like to share something I found on Android Market and it might be useful..

I was using Froyo Beta on a 4Gb SDHC Card (Class 4), unfortunatelly it was way too slow when compared to "My Storage" Android installation but this made it a bit faster..

Apparently this little program can increase the speed your SD reads data [from 128kb (default) up to 4096kb (max)]

I am currently using MyStorage Froyo install but this app is still very useful, it is most noticeable when images are loading on the gallery for instance.

* Your device needs to be rooted. *

App: (I am using this one and it works)

SD Speed Increase: https://market.andro...m.sdincrease.it (FREE)

SD Speed Increase Premium: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.s...ease.premium.it

Alternatives: (I didn't test any of these but they seem to do the same thing..)

SD Card Speed Booster: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.v...ek.sdspeedboost

SD-Booster: https://market.andro...rmann.sdbooster (FREE)

For tweaking/testing what value is best for your card:

SD Tools: https://market.andro...eluscek.sdtools (FREE)

For SD Speed Increase, remember to use "Set on every reboot" option otherwise you will have to do it manually all the time..

EDIT: Ok, I've run the SD Tools speed test 25 times, 5 for each value using my 4Gb SDHC (Class 4), here are the average results for each:

Stock: Writing speed: 6.0 MB/s | Reading speed: 6.6 MB/s

1024kb: Writing speed: 5.4 MB/s | Reading speed: 19.8 MB/s

2048kb: Writing speed: 4.9 MB/s | Reading speed: 20.4 MB/s

3072kb: Writing speed: 5.8 MB/s | Reading speed: 17.9 MB/s

4096kb: Writing speed: 5.6 MB/s | Reading speed: 17.5 MB/s

As you can see, the Writing speed is pretty much the same but there is a huge Reading speed difference between stock and the other results..

Also I've timed the tests to make sure the program was showing correct values, here are the results:

At an average speed of 5.5 MB/s, the Writing speed of each test took about 1 minute to finish.

At an average speed of 6.6 MB/s, without SD Speed Increase, each Reading speed test took about 5 minutes to finish.

At an average speed of 18.9 MB/s, with SD Speed Increase, each Reading speed test took about 8 seconds to finish.

I am currently using the 1024kb value.

So, there you go, let me know if this works for anyone!


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