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The link for hotukdeals is not working?

I love the LG E900 and I am currently using it instead of my HD7.

Pros Excellent screen (beats the HD7 hands down)

Feels well built (only thing I don't like it the actual Home button which feels wrong)

Excellent camera (again HTC do not come close and never have from what I have seen)

16GB storage (on par with HD7)

Front speaker (why did HTC put a rear only speaker on the HD7? yes those grilles are only for voice calls and mic.)

Cons Nothing really battery seems better than my HD7, only thing apart from the home button is that the USB port is on the side of the phone, personally I prefer them on the bottom so it's easier for car mounts and building a cradle.

Obviously the screen size is much smaller than the HD7

EDIT there is one thing I almost forgot that the smaller screen seems to give me an issue with, it does not appear to be left thumb friendly, what I mean by this is that the screen calibration almost feels like it is out and some presses do not seem to fully register and check boxes seem to need pressing to the right of the box rather than the box itself. This could just be me and the way I press the screen but the HD7 did not appear to have this problem.

Overall between the HD7 and Optimus 7 E900 there is no clear winner and I would not hesitate to recommend either device as a good WP7 device.

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HTC camera are just poor so HD7 Mozart does have a Xenon flash in its favour.

HTC also tout the sound quality but in reality you would probably use headphones anyway. If it were my choice HD7s as it has a better screen but then I would need to be in the US to buy it.

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