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com.android.downlad has stopped

Guest lokifarbaute

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Well I got lg optimus rooted and installed android 2.3.4 with cyanogen mod with the help of a friend, but market wouldn't work, everytime i tried to download from market it would crash and say: com.android.vending has stopped, I googled it and found out that is was market 2.3.6 that was the problem, so i uninstalled it and installed 2.3.4 instead but still get the same error, and now i get it as soon as I open market, so I uninstalled it again, but then it fails completely, cause after I uninstalled market, my "download" software disappeared so now when I try to download something from my browser it crashes and says: com.android.download has stopped unexpected.

can anyone tell me how to fix these problems please.

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