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Some Q's about Cyanogen Mod 7 on Samsung Galaxy S

Guest gimelit

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Hi all,

The other night hubby and I burned the Cyanogen Mod RC 7 on our Galaxy S's. It's incredibly fast compared to before, all very cool, but we discovered we're missing some very basic functionality and googling didn't help. Perhaps someone here knows?

1. How do we move apps between pages? Before the mod, we just pressed them and dragged them, and when they reached the edge of the screen they automatically popped to the next page.

2. How do we do Video calls to phone contacts? Before, it was an option on the contact page. Now, it's just not there any more. Can it possibly be gone??

3. When Hubby burned his phone, all the apps he had before had somehow automatically restored themselves - he told me he saw them downloading one by one until he had everything back. When I burned mine, some of the apps appeared, but not all, and I didn't see any downloads. Is there something additional I should do to get them, or do I need to restore them manually?

That's it for the time being, thanks very much in advance.


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