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[Guide] Getting larger (14 MB+) apps to install from the Market

Guest KoMarCek

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I had done some research on getting larger (14 MB and bigger) apps to install from the Market

on ZTE Racer. Although the procedure was tested I cannot be responsible if something goes

wrong. There are removal instructions too, just look at section C). Any feedback appreciated!

A) Root your device (ie. enable administrator privileges) - only needs to be done once

  1. On your device, open the Browser app and type in http://tinyurl.com/androot162 and press Go
  2. When you get Download complete, press on UniversalAndroot-1.6.2-beta5.apk
  3. Press Install, then Open, then Go Root and wait until the process completes
B) Move the Cache partition to Internal Storage
  1. From the Market, install Android Terminal Emulator by Jack Palevich
  2. Open the app and type in the following two letters: su and press Enter
  3. If you are then asked whether to Allow or Deny, choose Allow
  4. Carefully and exactly type the following commands and press Enter after each line:
    (If the keyboard disappears, get it back by pressing Menu -> Toggle soft keyboard)

    mount -o remount,rw rootfs /
    umount /cache
    rmdir /cache
    mkdir /data/cache
    ln -s /data/cache /cache
  5. You should now be able to install much larger apps from the Market until you reboot
    your device - then section B) has to be repeated starting with step 2.
    This would be the time to try installing Talking Tom, Angry Birds...
C) (Optional) Complete removal instructions
  1. Turn the device completely off and on again by holding the power button
  2. Find the Android Terminal Emulator app in the app drawer and run it
  3. Type su, then Enter, then rm -r /data/cache followed by Enter
  4. Go to Settings, Applications, Manage Applications, Android Terminal Emulator, Uninstall
  5. Find the Universal Androot app in the app drawer and open it, then press Undo Root
  6. Go to Settings, Applications, Manage Applications, Universal Root and press Uninstall
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