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Richpad Data location

Guest hopstuey

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Hi Guys

My X5 had a heart attack last night out of the blue while doing some downloading via wifi. It just restarted out of the blue and came back after reboot the same as it did the day I got it ie: setup google account, time settings and long slow boot etc. Don't know why this happened but I was also forced to do a factory reset as the applications all were messed up and not functioning properly and most would just force close.

Even though I have restored messages, programmes, contacts and most other stuff that I need I have a need to recover the richpad files I had created which do not seem to appear in any of my backups.

Does anyone know where I can find the location of the richpad files that are created using the application or how to restore these?

My phone is basically stock B136 AU roadhound with Paul's superboot, no overclock or other mods to speak of.

Thanks in advance for any help

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