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Probable cause of 6.5 wifi disappearing

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I too had the problem of my wifi disappearing from my phone recently and was most puzzled. I had just installed a rom made with Jacob's rom builder and the first time I rebooted without the phone being connected to my computer the wifi had disappeared.

So off to Google I went and found a couple of solutions.

The first was to install WiFiProfiler and make a new setting. But that made it so that my wifi would turn on anytime by itself which I didn't like due to power drain.

I then found some good information on XDA, where someone had made a connection manager plugin for Titanium.

See it here

On that page he also stated the problem comes from the installation of Mortscript 4.2 which I had just installed on my phone so another program could work. Sure enough when I checked the registry as per his information my setting was "0" and I changed it to "1" and presto my wifi was back.

Here are the registry settings from his page for quick reference:





11=Discoverable mode




3=wifi: unavailable

11,17=wifi: available



HKLM\System\State\Phone\Radio Ready State








I hope that this is of some help to anyone with this problem. I am pretty sure this is the main cause of wifi disappearing in our Omnia II with 6.5 running.

If you have experiences with wifi disappearing for this reason or any other, I hope you will share what was the cause and how you got it fixed.

I love my Omina II, I love Windows Mobile too and have no desire to go to Android or Iphone or any other system. :D

A big thanks and greets to all the chef's and people who have developed so many good programs that make my phone fun still, even after having for over a year.

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yeah.... i know this is extremely delayed. but I installed a 'different' version of WMwifirouter and wifi disappeared altogether from my phone... at least by changing those reg keys I have a decent place to start, which did bring back my wifi in my settings... it's a start, and it's much better than flashing my phone... again.... it's been way too long since I've cooked anything and I'd prefer to keep it that way

so thanks again!

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