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Htc trophy

Guest Haakkern

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Hello.. i got a htc trophy os 7 ! i really think this is not a good os. i think its slow and hangs ups. i still miss a GOOD backup program and i cant do what i want whit the phone. restrictions ? therfore i want maby a new phone i wondering to buy a android phone but thath is another discustion..

i ask cuple of questions here.. is there a good backup prgoram ore backup solution fore this phone ?? i see some pepole make apps fore this i tryed to use some of them on the phone but i all seems buggy! rearly work. and i live in norway whitch means the zune think accunt think dosent work here yet couse of the microsoft havent relesed it here yet.. my phone is not norwegian i run english versjon.

2: is there a mod to android ? from os 7 to android ? i wuld LOVE to try it.. if i culd be the first to try this ore help whit anything.. respone to this tread..;)

i like the app who lets me manage my home server 2011 on the phone.. thise tings i love but i hawent got so mutch acess to marked place as you duded.. couse of the microsoft realeese..

to this got a bit strange thread but i hope you got it..

And is there a app like vlc? ore media player? who lets you play thing froom phone of your choise ?? i down loaded vlc remote? and some of them apps.. this sucks!! i want the vlc on my phone.

i hope you hawe some answers.. i was mutch easeyer before when i was flashing nokia phones.. mutch more fun ! ;)

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