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My U8230 is almost dead and it needs big help

Guest Drivon

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I have a huge problem with my huawei U8230. I dont know if you could give me a bit of your time just to try to help me out. I have tried almost everything and i think my U8230 is almost dead... i really need a hand ... i have been trying to read and get help from everyone....

I have been trying to talk with the android community in my country for 2 weeks without any answer... i have lost all my hope in this...

The phone actualy has clockwork mod recovery and is boot looping since i tried instaling FLB....

it had originaly the 2.1 update installed... but now .. i dont know if it has anything at all..i cant do anything besides entering on recovery...

Please you are my last hope... i just dont know what to do anymore...i have been searching day and night trying to get an answer on how to solve this....but the more i search the more confused i get... the harder it is to find sense in anything...

i could realy use someone that would talk with me without saying "this is on forum X , go to Z and do Y while you download H for L"

I know i sound crazy and desperate but that's precisely how i feel...

if you have felt this way or had a problem and you know how it feels, please help someone to solve his problem aswell, i'm counting on you all....

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Not sure what you did wrong. There are many experts here who would be able to guess and suggest. But just one thing, did you try going to recovery and installing the FLB ROM again. May be download a new copy incase last one was corrupt. Best is if you install anything 2.1 or above, in case any issue of partitioning. I don't know about it a lot but may be someone can correct me.

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the problem is that i dont know any way to install it now... i dont know any external way of instaling a official rom... everywhere i read, they all talk about flashing and flashing and flashing... but since i cant enter the S.O .. i'm kind of screwd :X

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Traduction (fran├žais > anglais)

3 flash modes

1) Official update huawei


Place DLOAD on sdcard and boots

(Hold "volume up" "hung up" + "power")


2) the flash recovery

Place the zip file on sdcard then boot recovery

(Hold "menu" "hung" + "power")

"Install from zip sdcard"

"Choose from sdcard zip"




3) flash fastboot

(Hold "Volume down" "hung" + "Pover")

In one case, place: (boot.img, system.img, data.img).

Create a folder file.bat

Open with cement blocks and note the lines that follow:

fastboot.exe erase boot

fastboot.exe erase system

fastboot.exe erase userdata

fastboot.exe erase cache

fastboot.exe flash boot boot.img

fastboot.exe flash system system.img

fastboot.exe flash userdata data.img

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after all this time trying to sort this out, a few good souls helped me out....


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by the way and since i dont want to screw this up again... can anyone explain me how to decently install a costomized rom?... and which is the best one in terms of performance mainly... (and with everything working at least :P )

i would be very thankfull

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poulpix83 or anyone else, could you explain me how to do it... like i was a 4 year old ...

well i actualy am pretty noob when it comes to androids.... the only ones i can handle with no problem are the samsungs.

but still waiting on an answer =D cheers and thanks again

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i'm urgently loocking for a Nandroid backup of Huawei U8230 and specially system.img file to flash it via fastboot, cause my phone can only enter into fastboot mode, no recovery and no access to update via classic method (sd card etc), it only showing light on keypad.

thx in advance.

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