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Accelerometer Lag on all CM7 based roms

Guest Krste

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The problem is described here. It also appear to be a bug with ZTE Blade.


The problem is like this:

The accelerometer lag gets worse over time. Immediately after a reboot, everything looks pretty okay. After some hours, it gets noticeable. After 10 hours, the accelerometer polling rate seems to be down to about 1 Hz. This also happens with other kernels on CM7. I tested with CM7 kernel and kallt_kaffe's Swedish Spring kernel. So it seems not to be kernel related.

You can try a game like Doodle Jump and it will basicly be unplayable.

Here is a patch for the ZTE Blade - http://review.cyanog...om/#change,5204.

Is there any way to fix this problem on the Racer, or we'll have to wait for a new CM build?

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