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to all ZTE lover, HP tablet for cheap?

Guest swisstourist

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How is this ZTE Blade related?

related to HP via bluetooth!:lol:

how long resaler in europe are going to take people for fool.

it s all over ebay, new pad for 200$ and here they sell it for 600 euro.

I contacted reseller n switzerland , they want 600 euro, when i can click on ebay and get 2 or 3 for 200$. f...them!

everywhere on the internet, they say HP is giving up their stock for 99$ in the USA and nothing in europe yet.

they wait a few idiots to buy their pad at full price before reducing to 100 euro tomorrow maybe.

this is what I hate in europe, we always pay more, and they take us for stupid!!!

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Its £89 in PC World as well for the 16GB model. £115 for 32GB. Genuinely gutted I cant afford it at the moment as its only a matter of time till Honeycomb is put onto these!

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