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Mobile Tracker Issue

Guest segelfreak

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I have a very big issue regarding my Mobile Tracker. Currently I'm using a selfmade ROM (made with the JJ1 ROMbuilder by Jacobn) on my i8000. Today I want to check out the mobile tracker feature and initialized it. I entered a password, set up the number and message and enabled mobile tracker. sadly it sends a SMS every time I boot up my phone, despite I'm not changing my SIM during this. When I disable mobile tracker and reenable it, sometimes it begins sending SMS messages only from the second or third reboot on. But after starting to send the phone sends the messages every time it is restarted.

Maybe someone could help me with this issue. Do I have to setup mobile tracker in a different way? Are there other things to take care of?

I did find similar problems using the search function but there was no solution written. So I decided to ask here again.

Many thanks in advance and

best regards,


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