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Removing Orange customisation from Huawei U8320 (Barcelona)

Guest Techno79

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Apologies for placing this in a slightly different location than the handset this topic relates too (it didn't really seem to fit anywhere else). Anyway:

I've just bought an Orange Barcelona handset (also called Huawei U8320 or Huawei Boulder). I've rooted the device and used Titanium Backup to freeze all the Orange bloatware applications. However, there's a permanent notification in the notification bar.

The notification says "Data service is enabled" and it is referring to the mobile network's data service. Even when I'm connected to WiFi, it still shows. If I disable the mobile data network, then it changes to "Data service is disabled".

This is extremely annoying as it takes up a large amount of screen real estate when the notification bar is pulled down and permanently displays an icon in the notification bar on the top left of the screen.

Does anyone know how I can make this go away? Is there an Orange service I can freeze?


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