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ADB Linux fix

Guest Roman Kapl

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The problem

On linux, most of Pulse ROMs report device serial number as question mark. This is mostly ok, but some tools can't handle it. For example eclipse development over USB is not possible under linux.


I have patched ADB so when it finds an USB device, it ignores the serial number and labels it override. The downside is that you can not have more than one USB device attached, but I think that is a rare case. The binary can be downloaded from http://bikinibubble.com/adb. Do not forget to kill adb server for changes to take effect ( adb kill-server).

Patch & compilation

If you want to compile this patch yourself, download Android Sources and go to system/core/adb. Open usb_linux.c and add

 sprintf(serial, "override")
just before
register_usb_transport(usb, serial, usb->writeable);

Compile and copy over the binary.

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